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Great Moor Street (west)

You are between Newport Street and Ashburner Street. Not currently photographed, the Bolton Antiques Centre has premises near the Job Centre with the junction of Ormrod Street and near Sainsbury's, see the bottom picture.

Go to Ashburner Street junction with Le Mans Crescent
[view between buildings]

85k JPEG April 1996

On the right is the Octagon car park, the lower portion of the building on the left contains the Kiss nightclub. Between the two you can walk to the junction mentioned above, close to the Octagon Theatre.

Go to the Waterplace
[view towards large building]

57k JPEG April 1996

The Waterplace is a modern fun pool. The left half of the picture is Morrison's supermarket, the left half shows the glass tower for the water slides, and the water place itself. From here you can also go onto Trinity Street.

[street and buildings]

27k GIF 62k JPEG Dawes Street to Great Moor St from the Waterplace 1997

Some building work is currently taking place on Dawes Street. This is the view from the Waterplace.

Go to Ashburner Street
[view along road]

90k JPEG March 1996

On Ashburner Street is a market hall and open market. You can go either into the market hall, onto Moor Lane and up to Bolton Institute or down to Deansgate, or closer to the town centre. The pub on the left is Donaghy's. The lower building on the right is the market hall.

Go to junction with Newport Street
[view east along street]

129k JPEG April 1996

Newport street will take you to Trinity Street or closer to the town centre into the pedestrianised area.

[pub and hairdressers]

23k GIF 81k JPEG Great Moor Street west end March 2000

On the left of this picture (not shown) is the antiques centre.

[road and shops]

29k GIF 110k JPEG Great Moor Street view to east August 2000

The Antiques Centre can just be seen as the green building with the yellow sign.

[narrow cobbled bridgeway]

29k GIF 45k JPEG Bridge over railway to Great Moor St, August 2001

A name for this narrow road has not yet been established.

[across a car park]

34k GIF 79k JPEG Where Dawes Street would have led to Trinity Street 1996

This is the car park of the Morrisons Supermarket.

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