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South Turton

Turton Urban District was split in two during local government reorganisation in 1974. The districts remaining within the borough are Bradshaw, Bromley Cross, Harwood and Eagley. Egerton and Chapeltown are part of Lancashire. It's a mainly residential area. The Last Drop Village is in the Bromley Cross area. Turton Tower, a mediaeval building lies just over the border into Lancashire since the reorganisation, but attracts many Bolton residents. This area is known as North Turton, part of Blackburn, and they have a web site at http://northturton.com/

[train station over a road]

24k GIF 75k JPEG Bromley Cross train station April 1999

The house over the line is occupied! It is a signal box and lower down is a picture of the inside of this.


23k GIF 30k JPEG Bromley Cross Signal Box internal c1997 By permission

This was donated by a kind viewer.

[leisure centre]

18k GIF 62k JPEG Turton Leisure Centre April 1999

Although in Bromley Cross, the name is taken from the Turton area. This sports and leisure centre can be contacted on 01204 595654.

[road view]

21k GIF 70k JPEG Chapeltown Road view north April 1999

This road leads north to Turton Tower.

[remnants of a stone circle]

128k JPEG March 1996

A Druidical Circle on Chetham Close overlooking Egerton is the earliest evidence for any settlers in the area, a circle 15 metres (51 feet) in diameter and 323 metres (1060 feet) above sea level, and it dates to around the Bronze age. Little remains today, for in 1871 a local farmer, a tenant of Turton Tower took sledgehammers to the stones to this once more or less perfect circle. Flattened stumps are all that remain today. The remains of a second stone circle lie south of this one. The name Turton is thought to be derived from the Saxon personal name of Thori's Tun, although in 1257 the name is written as Thurton.

[tower and church in the graveyard]

160k JPEG April 1996

Bradshaw is known for it's tower without a church, and the church without a tower. The church is on the left, and the tower can be seen through the trees on the right.

The mill village of Eagley was developed during the industrial revolution, although most of the mills have gone, many of the cottages still remain.

To the north west of this district is Affetside.

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