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Turton Tower

[Stone Tower and Tudor building]

138k JPEG March 1996

Just over the border from Bolton into Lancashire is Turton Tower, a mediaeval building with a long history. It was first built in around 1420, in a style called pele-tower, made of stone and being rectangular. The only original parts to remain are a spiral staircase and a toilet. It has been modified and expanded over the years by its various owners.

In local government reorganisation in 1974, Turton Urban District Council was split down the middle, which left this area to Blackburn, part of Lancashire Country Council, and South Turton, the part of Turton remaining under the control of Bolton Metropolitan Borough.

[gate with tower behind]

198k JPEG March 1996

The plate on the left reads: These entrance gates are dedicated to the memory of Joy Catterall, wife of councillor Sir Robert Catterall M.B.E. M.S.M. J.P., chairman of Turton Urban District Council.

[tower and bridge]

134k JPEG March 1996

This folly is placed over a railway bridge.

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