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Bromley Cross

This area is a township of Bradshaw. It was named from an ancient cross, called Kershaw's Cross, which has long since gone. The family name of Bromley was also known as Bromiley.

South west of here is Eagley, north is Last Drop Village, south is Harwood. North east is Jumbles, west is South Turton.

[road view with stone houses]

25k GIF 78k JPEG Darwen Road view east April 1999

At the Hospital Road junction.

[road view with stone houses]

24k GIF 76k JPEG Darwen Road view west April 1999

On the left of this picture is the well shaped sign for the Last Drop Village.

[view up road]

25k GIF 66k JPEG Hospital Road April 1999

This road leads up to Last Drop Village.

[house lined road]

27k GIF 78k JPEG Darwen Road east view west April 1999

This is in the direction of Dunscar, behind this view leads to South Turton.

[public house]

36k GIF 77k JPEG Volunteer, Bromley Cross 1995

A well known public house.

[brick church]

45k GIF 118k JPEG Church c1996

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