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[view from public entrance past the cafe over the reservoir]

119k JPEG March 1996

This reservoir, lying in the valley of Bradshaw Brook, was inaugurated on the 11th March 1971 for Bolton Corporation Waterworks. It's a popular walking area, and as a country park, is host to many forms of wildlife. The name Jumbles appears during the 19th century, it is a variation of 'dumbles' which is a northern term for a ravine like valley with wooded sides down which tumbles a fast flowing stream. This reservoir is also fed from the Wayoh and Entwistle reservoirs.

South of here is Bromley Cross, north is Turton Tower, Chapeltown and Edgworth. North east and over looking this area is Affetside.

[sailing on the reservoir]

118k JPEG May 1996

Many watersports take place during the summer months, sailing being just one of them. The sailing club has a web site at http://www.jumbles.org.uk/.

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