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[vertical column in a stone plinth]

117k JPEG Affetside Cross April 1996

Above Harwood, a headless cross on Watling Street, thought to be a Roman road where Julius 10th Legion commander is supposed to have established a temporary camp. The name 'Affetside' is thought to come from 'half each side', this point being halfway between London and Edinburgh. The cross itself may date from Roman times, although others say it was placed here in the 17th century marking the village market place. Of the picture above, there is a socket in the top of the post where the cross used to sit.

This Watling Street, although believed to be Roman, is not part of the road which connected London and Wroxter near Shrewsbury. This one connected Manchester to Ribchester in Lancashire.

The Pack Horse public house on this road contains the skull of the executioner of the 7th Earl of Derby (See Churchgate), John Whewell. Affetside is part of South Turton district of Bolton.

[roofs and a few chimneys]

100k JPEG April 1996

This is taken looking west from Watling Street, Affetside, South Turton. The road leading off centre is Derby Street, leading into St. Helen's Road. If you download the high resolution version, to the right of that road, you should be able to make out the clock tower of the town hall, behind that the tower block of Bolton Institute.

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