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Aerial views from St Peter's

These aerial view were taken September 1997. The JPEG versions are scanned at 200 DPI so are correspondingly large. [rooftops]

41k GIF 167k JPEG North view September 1997

View over Folds Road, St Peter's Way to the right and the northern part of the town centre.

[road and rooftops]

45k GIF 183k JPEG North east view September 1997

Towards Tonge. The upper part of St Peter's Way cutting across.

[bridge road and rooftops]

53k GIF 204k JPEG South east view September 1997

Facing south east. View out towards Breightmet and Leverhulme Park.
[town centre roofs]

47k GIF 179k JPEG South West view September 1997

This view is over the southern part of the town centre.

[town hall clocktower and rooftops]

52k GIF 187k JPEG West view September 1997

This view is of the mid and western part of the town centre and view up Daubhill and Deane.

[town hall clocktower and rooftops close up]

40k GIF 158k JPEG West view zoomed September 1997

This view in the same direction gives a better view of the town hall.

[street from the air]

57k GIF 221k JPEG Churchgate into Deansgate September 1997

This is a view down into Deansgate from the end of Churchgate.

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