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The name comes from the Old English 'breorht' meaning bright and 'maed' or 'mead' meaning meadow, so making bright meadow. The early spellings vary from Brihtsmete or Brihmete in the 13th century, but by the next century it was Breghmete and later still Breghtmeyt.

Among locals, the pronunciation varies, most popular is 'breat-met' or 'brake-met' although some say 'bright-met'.

Withins Leisure centre is located here and can be contacted on 01204 395980.

North and west is Thicketford Road, west takes you to Haulgh, or onto Bury New Road. South of here, past Leverhulme Park is Darcy Lever. South west is Little Lever.

[shops and houses]

23k GIF 80k JPEG Bury Road view east March 2000

This ultimately leads through Radcliffe to Bury. At the top of this picture on the right, Long Lane leads to Leverhulme Park.

Go to Haulgh
[houses along street]

24k GIF 69k JPEG Bury Road view west March 2000

This leads towards the Haulgh. The tower of St. Peter's in Churchgate can be seen in the distance.

[houses and wide road]

18k GIF 37k JPEG Bury Road Breightmet west towards Bolton June 2000

Towards the Long Lane junction.

[houses and road]

21k GIF 48k JPEG Bury Road Breightmet east towards Bury June 2000

Towards Bury.

There is a site for Breightmet at http://www.breightmet.co.uk/. Please email the webmaster to request additional depth, detailing what you want to see.

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