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Bury is a town to the north east of Bolton linked by the A58. The proximity has led to a large number of cross town partnerships.

Visit the Bury MBC web page at http://www.bury.gov.uk/

Another Bury page at http://www.thisisbury.co.uk/

[panoramic view of market stalls]

52k GIF 107k JPEG Bury market September 2000

This panoramic view shows the market stall area, behind that are the meat and fish market, the market hall leading to the town centre.

[trees and path]

27k GIF 108k JPEG Park in Bury town centre September 2000

This is on the other side of town from the market and adjacent the bus station.

[people and market stalls]

26k GIF 125k JPEG Bury market September 2000

The market is very large.

[church with spire and buildings]

23k GIF 99k JPEG Bury September 2000

Outskirts of the town centre.

[tall building and chimney and road]

26k GIF 103k JPEG Bury looking into pedestrianised area September 2000

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