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Darcy Lever

Lying centrally between Breightmet in the north, Moses Gate to the south west, and Little Lever in the south east, this is the point where the River Tonge meets the River Croal below Leverhulme Park.

Betweek Darcy Lever and Breightmet are some sports fields, and a number of local sports clubs use them. One such is the Bolton Country Bears Football Club, http://www.bcbfc.co.uk/ [street and bridge]

35k GIF 138k JPEG Radcliffe Road into Darcy Lever December 2002

This is the view descending into the valley over which the disused rail bridge spans.

[pub and bridge]

31k GIF 139k JPEG Lever Bridge pub Darcy Lever December 2002

Local pub.

[river under bridge]

31k GIF 119k JPEG River Croal at Darcy Lever March 2000

Running underneath the disused railway bridge.

[black and white pub]

20k GIF 66k JPEG Levers Arms pub March 2000

This is an old public house on Long Lane.

[houses and steps up hill]

27k GIF 89k JPEG Woodside Place Darcy Lever March 2000

From Darcy Lever this leads up to Top O' the Gorses.

[corner of houses]

23k GIF 76k JPEG Top o' the Gorses March 2000

This leads away from the bowling greens at one end of Leverhulme Park.

[path and gorse bushes]

26k GIF 109k JPEG Gorses Mount and steps March 2000

These steps were used in the film Spring and Port Wine, Gorse bushes can be seen flowering to the right and the disused railway bridge that dominates Darcy Lever runs along the left of this scene.

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