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Thicketford Road

Between Castle Hill to the north west and Breightmet to the south west, Thicketford Road leads from the south-western section of Crompton Way to Harwood and Top o'th' Brow.

The name is attributed to the bridge over Bradshaw Brook, and one possible origin for the name is a ford which crossed the brook surrounded by a thicket, (band of trees). A local document refers to this ford as Th'Igh Gate (gate meaning way), this being High Gate Ford which has now become Thicketford.

[houses and view]

26k GIF 69k JPEG Thicketford Road view to Top o'th Brow June 2000

Withins School can be seen.

[bridge over river]

31k GIF 144k JPEG Thicketford Bridge (c) 2003

The bridge from the river.

[houses and trees along road]

25k GIF 62k JPEG Crompton Way view south June 2000

This takes you down towards Breightmet or Haulgh.

[wide road and houses]

22k GIF 43k JPEG Crompton Way view north June 2000

Leading up to Castle Hill.

[terraced houses and road]

22k GIF 50k JPEG Thicketford Road view west to Tonge June 2000

Leading to Tonge.

[trees and grass]

39k GIF 116k JPEG Seven Acres Park April 1997


[trees grass and river]

45k GIF 141k JPEG Seven Acres Park April 1997


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