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Castle Hill

Southern district of Bradshaw, placed where Crompton Way (east), Crompton Way (northern) and Tonge Moor Road cross. There was no known castle at or near Bolton, so the origin of the name is unclear.

Castle Hill is also close to Firwood Fold the birthplace of Samuel Crompton.

South west of here is Thicketford Road.

[pub on road corner]

24k GIF 81k JPEG Bolton Castle May 2000

The pub takes its name from the area.

[wide road and houses]

19k GIF 93k JPEG View north up Bradshaw Brow May 2000

North to Bradshaw.

[trees and wide street]

23k GIF 94k JPEG View down Crompton Way May 2000

Towards Firwood Fold and Thicketford.

Go to Tonge Moor
[road and houses]

19k GIF 81k JPEG View down Tonge Moor Road May 2000

To Tonge Moor

Go to Thicketford
[houses and wide road]

23k GIF 90k JPEG Crompton Way mid view to Thicketford May 2000 With a view to Top O'th Brow.

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