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Crompton Way (west)

A continuation of the northern section of Crompton Way, the eastern section runs from Castle Hill in the north, down through Thicketford, and south to Breightmet. Just off the top of Crompton Way is Firwood Fold.

[tree lined road]

24k GIF 67k JPEG Start of Crompton Way June 2000

Looking north to Thicketford.

[wide road junction]

24k GIF 61k JPEG Crompton Way junction with Bury Road June 2000

Southern end.

[concrete plaque]

25k GIF 100k JPEG Crompton Way opening plaque June 2000

Crompton Way opened 24th April 1928 by Sir Henry P. Maybury.

[houses and junction]

23k GIF 56k JPEG Bury Road east to Breightmet June 2000

To Breightmet.

[houses along road]

26k GIF 71k JPEG Bury Road west to Haulgh June 2000

To Haulgh.

[road with trees and houses]

25k GIF 92k JPEG Crompton Way mid to northern section May 2000

Taking you to Thicketford.

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