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St. Georges Road junction Knowsley Street

You may go inside St. Georges Craft Centre

Go to Higher Bridge Street
[East past St Georges Craft Centre]

90k JPEG St. Georges Craft Centre on the left, the rear of Market Place on the right. Summer 1995

This will take you onto Bridge Street which will take you back towards Deansgate.

Go into Knowsley Street
[View south into Knowsley Street]

89k JPEG the town hall clock tower just visible February 1996

Taking you past the Market Place onto Deansgate. The church on the corner is the church of St George's and St Andrews.

Go west along St Georges Road
[View west]

103k JPEG February 1996

[pub with stone front]

96k JPEG March 1996

This was built in 1847, and is now a fun pub. It's distinctive and can be seen down Knowsley Street from as far away as Oxford Street.

You can also go onto Topp Way.

You may also go back the way you came by hitting your browsers BACK button.

Back to the town hall steps

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