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Higher Bridge Street

Higher Bridge street run from Bridge Street junction with St Georges Road and St. Georges Street with Blackburn Road.

Go west into St Georges Road
[View into St Georges Road]

167k JPEG Ritzy nightclub on the left February 1996

This will take you to St Georges Craft Centre and the junction with Knowsley Street. The building on the left hand corner is the former Ritzy nightclub complex, now called Ikon, and there's more detail in the nightlife section.

Go into St. Georges Street
[large buildings along road]

19k GIF 51k JPEG St. Georges Street view east April 2000

The former Little Bolton Town Hall is on St. Georges Street and it also leads to Folds Road.

Go into Bridge Street
[street corner and shops]

18k GIF 44k JPEG Top of Bridge Street April 2000

Bridge Street towards the town centre.

[large buildings and road in distance]

28k GIF 100k JPEG Higher Bridge Street view south to town June 2000

The Stanley Casino is on the left of this picture.

Go onto Blackburn Road
[car showroom and street]

18k GIF 45k JPEG Higher Bridge Street view north March 2000

View towards Blackburn Road and Halliwell.

[road and buildings]

23k GIF 90k JPEG Higher Bridge Street mid to north June 2000

The Globe pub right of centre and the Iron Church spire can be seen.

[large red brick building and road]

27k GIF 83k JPEG Junction Higher Bridge Street and St Georges St. May 2000

[road and large building]

20k GIF 57k JPEG Topp Way from Folds Road view west March 2000

This takes you into Topp Way. Clarence Street Adult Education centre is on the left.

[wide road junction]

20k GIF 59k JPEG Northern end of St. Peters Way March 2000

This ends at a junction with Higher Bridge Street.

[road and retail park]

17k GIF 51k JPEG Turton Street and Bolton Gate retail park March 2000

This is the Gate Retail park.

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