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Blackburn Road

The A666 Blackburn Road connects from Higher Bridge Street in the south to Astley Bridge and beyond.

[view up road]

25k GIF 62k JPEG Blackburn Road view south February 2000

The view towards the town centre.

[view up road]

25k GIF 66k JPEG Blackburn Road view north February 2000

Looking towards the junction with Moss Bank Way and Crompton Way.

[church with spire]

23k GIF 71k JPEG Iron Church Blackburn Road February 2000

This is an antiques centre. It is the former Congregational Church paid for by William Lever.

[fork in road and buildings]

28k GIF 111k JPEG Blackburn Road mid north view May 1999

View towards Astley Bridge.

[shops and buildings along road]

25k GIF 104k JPEG Blackburn Road mid south view May 1999

The iron Church spire can just be seen.

[decorated wall]

27k GIF 134k JPEG Valley wall May 1999

This wall borders the Valley complex.


22k GIF 70k JPEG Prospect Street Islam mosque

Just off the junction of Halliwell Road and Blackburn Road is this Mosque on Prospect Street.

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