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Astley Bridge

North of the town centre is Astley Bridge. This area used to be known as Lower Sharples, but now takes its name from its bridge over the Astley Brook, the valley of which has the Valley Entertainment Centre. The derivation of Astley is 'ley' (Old English 'leah'), a clearing, and Ast for Ash trees, so is thought to be 'the clearing in the ash trees'. On Thorns Road was built the Eden's Orphanage.

East of here is Hall'Ith'Wood off Crompton Way, and west is Sharples and Smithills. South takes you down towards Bolton on Blackburn Road.

[pub and road junction]

22k GIF 91k JPEG Pineapple pub and Crompton Way view east May 1999

Onto Crompton Way.

[pub and fork in road]

20k GIF 87k JPEG Belmont Road and Blackburn Road junction view north May 1999

Forking left leads to Sharples to Belmont. The building in the centre is the Three Pigeons.

[road junction]

20k GIF 82k JPEG Blackburn Road junction view south May 1999

Onto Blackburn Road to town.

[view down road]

35k GIF 51k JPEG Blackburn Road south April 1999

You can see the green tower of the mill below.

[red brick mill]

106k JPEG the Astley Bridge mill, now a catalogue company warehouse, March 1996

This is the last mill to be built in Bolton and was at Astley Bridge on Blackburn Road up towards Eagley and Dunscar, the A666.

[trees along a road]

24k GIF 91k JPEG Blackburn Road north April 1999

A turn off to the right as the road dips leads to Eagley.

The Astley Bridge Theatre Church have a web site at
[red and white building]

24k GIF 51k JPEG Theatre Church Seymour Road, Astley Bridge (c) 2000, Robert Massey

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