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[Church over

15k GIF 68k JPEG Belmont Church April 1999

Belmont is the other side of Winter Hill, in Lancashire. It has a reservoir which supplies Bolton. This is Wards reservoir, but is known locally as the Blue Lagoon.

[tower and

25k GIF 97k JPEG Belmont works April 1999

This works is in a valley in Belmont.

[pub and pub

23k GIF 90k JPEG Black Dog, Belmont April 1999

One of the few public houses in Belmont, the Black Dog is a traditional public house, turning past it into Church St will take you up on Rivington Road to Grimeford behind Winter Hill to Rivington. A turning south off Belmont Road takes you onto Scout Road and Colliers Row, staying south goes to Sharples.

[large carved
stone post]

27k GIF 101k JPEG Belmont Reservoir treaty April 1999

Engraved into this is the following:

By section 13 of the Bolton Corporation Act 1905 it was enacted as follows:

Section 13. As from the date when the Corporation shall become entitled under the provisions of this Act to appropriate and use for the purpose of their Water undertaking the Water of the Belmont Reservoir they shall cause to flow out of that Reservoir into the Eagley brook as Compensation Water in respect of the Water so appropriated a supply of Water at the rate of 1758,600 gallons during twelve hours of every day (Sundays, Good Fridays and Christmas Days only excepted) in a regular and continuous flow between fine o'clock in the morning and five o'clock in the afternoon.

This protection for Belmont was only obtained after a strenuous fight in both Houses of Parliament and after the Select Committee of the House of Lords through their Chairman the Duke of Northumberland has intimated that the interests of Belmont must be secured by a discharge of Compensation Water from the Belmont Reservoir for the protection of the industry of Belmont and the people dependent on that industry.

To whom it may concern. See to the above patrimony being preserved in its entirety and in perpetuity. Edward Deakin. March 1907.

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