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Colliers Row Road

Cutting across Smithills Moor from Montserrat to Belmont over the top of Barrow Bridge is Colliers Row Road. Simply named after two rows of cottages built by the Ainsworth family when they owned Smithills Hall.

This information came from from Mark (May 2007), his great Grandad, Mr John Looty Ward, worked at the loco works. He convinced all of the workers there to donate a penny a week to him and with the money bought Colliers Row. It was then used as a convalescence home for loco works workers with respiratory ailments, and as there was no form of sick pay back then, their families were paid their wage from the donations of the other workers. He also founded the Railwaymans Institute (now sited on chorley old road) and was the founder of the Horwich Spiritualist Church (the wooden one on Chorley old road.) He lived on Barlow Road in Horwich (one of the two stone houses at the top) where my grandad was born.

[old cottages]

30k GIF 103k JPEG Old Colliers Row May 2000

The original cottages.

[row of houses]

26k GIF 74k JPEG New Colliers Row May 2000

It is possible to go down Smithills Dean Road to Smithills further on from this picture.

Below are two typical views from Colliers Row Road.

[wide horizon view]

51k GIF 185k JPEG View south east from the top of Smithills Moor 1996

[Chimney pots and towers]

47k GIF 127k JPEG Zoom view from Smithills Moor over Bolton town centre 1996

[lane descending into distance]

22k GIF 65k JPEG Smithills Deane Road view south 1999

The view towards Smithills.

[fields and farm]

25k GIF 89k JPEG Walkers Fold Road view north May 2000

This view is from Montserrat.

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