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Just off Chorley Old Road, this place takes its name from the Spanish, and means 'serrated or jagged mountain'. The name used to belong to a row of old cottages, demolished in the 1930's, and probably named by the builder early in the 19th century influenced by an incident in the Peninsular Wars when a Spanish Monastery called Montserrat was despoiled.

East of here is Johnson Fold, west carries on into Wallsuches, south west onto Old Kiln Lane North would take you past the Bob Smithy to Colliers Row to the top of Smithills Moor.

[pub on corner of road]

22k GIF 80k JPEG Bob's Smithy September 2000

The road to the right leads up to Colliers Row.

[tree and road junction]

21k GIF 102k JPEG Montserrat south view down Old Kiln Lane September 2000

Leading to Old Kiln Lane.

[field and horizon]

19k GIF 82k JPEG View over south Bolton from Montserrat September 2000

The jpeg should show the odd chimney and factory.

[field and horizon]

24k GIF 74k JPEG Montserrat view south west September 2000

This view over Horwich shows the Reebok stadium at Middlebrook.

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