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Ye Olde Man and Scythe

[exterior of pub]

95k JPEG February 1996

This public house dates back to 1251, the date of the charter permitting a market, which was held in the area very close to this building. Only the vaulted cellar dates back as far, a datestone inside the building shows 1636 as a rebuilding date, and some of the internal beams and features are original from this time.

The pub serves traditional Lancashire food and is well worth visiting for this alone. The caterers have a web site at http://www.tauruscatering.fsbusiness.co.uk/.

[interior room showing datestone]

88k JPEG April 1996

This is one of the rear room, which has an original datestone set into the wall.

[interior room]

71k JPEG April 1996

Note the fireplace and interior stained glass window, and beams at the top of the picture.

[old chair hanging on a wall]

90k JPEG April 1996

This is the chair that the Earl of Derby sat in, before he was taken outside and executed for his part in the Civil War. The inscription written on the top of the chair reads 15th October 1651 In this chair James 7th Earl of Derby sat at the Man and Scythe Inn, Churchgate, Bolton immediately prior to his execution.

[interior bar]

155k JPEG April 1996

This is the bar, accessible from two sides, the pub itself having three separate rooms. At lunchtimes two are dedicated for dining, many traditional dishes, and a number cooked with beer or ale!

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