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Peter Kay

Peter Kay (official site)
(unofficial but approved site)

This Bolton born comedian is a rare talent who has not forgotten his roots. The series "That Peter Kay Thing" and the "Phoenix Nights" (as Max and Brian Potter) use locations in Bolton, Farnworth and Kearsley and this page will contain location shots.

Meanwhile, here is a free MIDI file which can be converted into a ringtone using appropriate software, to give you the Phoenix Nights theme as a ringtone on your phone (It works fine on my Nokia 6310i opening it in the composer and converting to ringtone). Written by Toni Baker, interpreted by Mike Cawley. Note: Due to the abuse of the downloading of this ringtone, and the fact people are just coming here, and not looking at the town of Peter's birth, the file name will change on a regular basis. Access will be monitored, and if you choose to just download it, select it and f*** off, then you will be required to navigate a set number of pages before the download is granted. This site is not a ringtone server, it's a site about Bolton, Peter's home town.

Phoenix Nights MIDI

(Use SHIFT-CLICK or RIGHT-click and SAVE AS)

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