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Terraced Gardens of Rivington

The Terraced Gardens sit in the shadow of Rivington Pike, once the magnificent home of William Lever, now owned by North West Water, the main buildings demolished some years ago. They lay in ruin since they were burnt down by a suffragette on June 8th 1913.


123k JPEG. Japanese pool circa 1991.

This lake is 2.5 m (8 feet) deep and used to be fed by two waterfalls, and was lined with exotic plants and shrubs.

[Longwalk looking through an archway]

120k. circa 1991.

This path led from the Japanese pool and where the Stables and potting shed used to be with the great lawn to the left, up to the location of the main residence, Roynton Cottage, which had an adjoining ballroom.

[Arched bridge]

99k. JPEG circa 1991.

Longwalk (pictured above) goes over this, called Seven Arches, however the shrubbery is hiding much of its structure.

[Pathway between wall and shrubs]

140k JPEG. circa 1991.

I'm not sure what this is! It's on a path between the swimming pool and the grounds where the bungalow was.

[stone building]

122k JPEG. May 1996.

This is one of the many structures, the roof forming a balcony for the level above.

[pool with reflections]

126k JPEG. May 1996.

Another picture of the the ornamental Japanese Pool.

[low view of tower]

167k JPEG. May 1996.

This view is taken from the swimming pool (not shown).

[Circular tower with roof]

86k JPEG. Pigeon Tower February 1996.

This tower lies at the north western end of the gardens, built in 1910. The top room used to be used by Lady Lever as a sewing room, which gave wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Ornamental doves and pigeons were kept in the lower two levels.

You can go up to Rivington Pike, or go down to Rivington.

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