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Why bolton.org.uk?

My first home connection to the internet was made in June 1994, and the World Wide Web was only just starting to emerge, Gopher and WAIS were still the way of linking information. When HTML was starting to become established, Mosaic was the graphical browser, with Lynx its text only equivalent.

Christmas 1995 I was rather bored, and surfing around various towns and cities, I noted that information was very lacking, an odd picture of a university or landmark. I tried to imagine what I would like to see as a web visitor to a town or city, and the idea for the Bolton pages were born.

Using my existing photographs, carrying out library research, obtaining permission for other images and performing a lot of photography myself, the pages took shape into what you see today. They are not finished, and never will be, and I hope to pass these pages into the care of someone else to maintain for the generations to come after my name is but weathered marks on a gravestone. The photographic material I expect to pass to the Bolton Library Local Archives unit, and failing my will, let it be known this is my intention to do so.

The pages started life hosted at and by Bolton Institute, however the management forced them to move to the domain you see today. In the growing 'e-world' I see a lot of childishness and petty jealousy. While these may not be the only pages on Bolton, my aim is to make them the most enjoyable to visit. My interests are not commercial, the pages here as as unbiased as someone living in Bolton could write.

Enjoy the pages, please!

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