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[Church seen through its entrance]

114k JPEG. Wigan Parish Church, summer 1995.

Lying some 6 miles south west of Bolton is Wigan, built on the River Douglas, another town with its roots in textiles and mining. Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council have a website dedicated to the borough of Wigan and Leigh.

A resident's site is at http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/

Leigh itself has related links from http://www.leighlife.com/.

The remainder of this page is a few pictures of Wigan.


70k JPEG. Wigan College of Technology May 1982.

Dominant over the front of this college is this pit winding wheel, from the pit head of a local mine. It symbolises the roots of the technical college, it used to be called Wigan Mining and Technical College, teaching the skills in demand in the north west of England.

[Rugby ground]

113k JPEG December 1998

This is Central Park, home to Wigan Rugby, very distinctive in the cherry and white. However the ground has been sold, and is due to be demolished late 1999, sold to a supermarket chain.

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