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Earliest definite records of Worsley go back to the Elias family, who seized the Manor of Worsley during the Norman Conquest. Formerly a mining area with many canals, now mainly a residential area.

[JPEG of Worsley canal]

90k JPEG showing the coloration of the water.

Worsley formed the gateway from the canals to the Manchester Ship Canal. The discoloration of the water comes from an old iron mine, from the iron ochre.

[Worsley canal underground outlet]

74k JPEG the water emerges this colour.

The network of underground canals from Farnworth emerges here, note the brown coloration of the water. This is known as the Delph and is the energence of the Bridgewater underground canal system opening in 1761. Just on the right of this picture is the Packet House.

[Worsley building]

90k JPEG.

Worsley has many Tudor style buildings, this being one of them. Worsley Old Hall (nearby) is a venue used for Jacobean Banquets, where tables are lit with candles, mead is served and you eat your food with a dagger! To the right of the picture you can see in the distance, the monument to the Duke of Bridgewater.

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