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Inside Westhoughton

Rather than many single pages, here's a selection of pictures taken inside various places in Westhoughton.

[inside library]

87k JPEG. ground floor of Westhoughton Library February 1996.

This is the library where I've carried out much of the research for these pages. It's at the back of the town hall. An upper floor is concerned with industrial and local history, the lower floor shown above contains the more standard fiction and non fiction stock.

[inside card shop]

114k JPEG. Interior 'House of Cards' February 1996.

This is a card and gift shop in Market Street. Above it is a tea room for light refreshments. (This shop has now closed, but this picture remains for historical reference).

[inside market hall]

114k JPEG. February 1996.

This is the market hall, very traditional, containing florists, fruiterers, butchers, hardware and clothing retailers, among others.

[inside hardware shop]

145k JPEG. February 1996.

This is a hardware store in Westhoughton.

[reception and bar of restaurant]

96k JPEG. February 1996.

This is a very popular restaurant serving Indian cuisine.

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