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Kearsley junction on the M61

This leads into Bolton from the M61 junction 3 interchange. It is not actually possible to go westbound onto the M61, only eastbound to Manchester.

[road junction]

19k GIF 53k JPEG Kearsley junction view to Farnworth July 1999

To the west is Longcauseway.

[road east viewed west]

22k GIF 67k JPEG Kearsley junction east viewed west July 1999

[road junction]

18k GIF 55k JPEG Kearsley junction view east April July 1999

To the east is Kearsley and Kearsley Moss.

[view up dual carriageway]

17k GIF 52k JPEG Kearsley junction view up A666 July 1999

To the north is St Peter's Way.

[view down dual carriageway]

17k GIF 48k JPEG Kearsley junction view down M61 July 1999

South is the M61 towards Manchester.

[posing people]

24k GIF 69k JPEG Kearsley people July 1999

While photographing the junction, these two locals posed for me.

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