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Bolton Show August 2000

This is a selection of pictures from the Bolton Show

[parachutists coming in to land]

22k GIF 87k JPEG Bolton Show Parachutist display August 2000

[people around a showground]

23k GIF 105k JPEG Bolton Showground August 2000

[horses in a ground]

24k GIF 108k JPEG Bolton Horse Show August 2000

[trailer and a crowd]

23k GIF 113k JPEG Tower FM Roadshow August 2000

[helicopter taking off]

30k GIF 101k JPEG Helicopter rides August 2000

[show fair stalls]

30k GIF 135k JPEG Fair August 2000


29k GIF 114k JPEG spectators around showground August 2000

[half cars in showground]

24k GIF 85k JPEG Mega Minis display team August 2000

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