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Where the A58 and A6 cross, between junction 5 and Westhoughton, Wingates and Hulton Lane Ends. This former mining areas name is thought to be derived from Saxon 'Ceacca' and Old English 'beonet', bent, a coarse moorland grass. The first part could also have been derived from the Old English 'ceacce', Old English for a hillock.

To M61 junction 5
[Daffodil lined road]

23k GIF 76k JPEG View to M61 J5 April 1996

The roadside is maintained by a local garden centre. This is towards M61 junction 5

[road and trees]

19k GIF 65k JPEG A6 Manchester Road Over Hulton 1999

On the right of this picture is the northern boundary of Hulton Park, currently a private estate, and is taken in the direction of Hulton Lane Ends.

[snowy road]

29k GIF 132k JPEG Manchester Road top of Hulton Park view east January 2001

Similar view, different season.

South west of here is Daisy Hill. [houses in wide road]

22k GIF 77k JPEG Park Road Westhoughton 1996

This leads to Daisy Hill and into Westhoughton

[trees and park entrance]

30k GIF 136k JPEG Hall Lee Bank Park north entrance 1996

This narrow mixed woodland leads down to Daisy Hill. The 1849 Ordnance Survey Map shows a moated site on the south side of Park Road, east of the brook. All traces of the moat have gone, as well as the remains of the Hall and Lee Hall Farm. This could have been the site of the "Abbey's Grange by Conware". It was an ancient site and a house of significant importance.

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