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Coat of Arms

[Coat of Arms]


This crest was designed in 1974. The eight towns are represented by the red roses on the shield, the arrow a pun for "Bolt" and the crown representing a 'tun' (settlement within a stockade), thus "Bolt-tun".

Above the shield is a closed helm, with a wreath and mantling in red and gold. On the wreath stands an elephant upon a rocky moor within a 'tun', the red rose of Lancashire is seen on the trappings of the elephant.

The left hand supporter is a black lion from the former Bolton arms, with a red and gold wreath around its neck. The right hand supporter is a red lion from the original Farnworth coat of arms (which used to represent the Hulton family). There is a wreath of blue and gold, the original colours of the Farnworth arms.

Each supporter holds a golden staff with green pennons with gold emblems. The left pennon shows a spindle and shuttle representing the textile industry, and the right pennon a hornet for the paper industry.

The motto - Supera Moras - means "overcome delays".

The Armorial Bearings were designed by N Ellis Tomlinson, M.A., F.H.S. in consultation with Michael Cresswell, LL.B. Bolton's Assistant Council Solicitor for 1974. They replace earlier, similar bearings first designed in 1890 by Major Ottley Perry.

[red shield black lions]

13k GIF 67k JPEG Coat of Arms prior to 1974

These were the bearings replaced by the above.

[Coat of arms plaque]

29k GIF 102k JPEG Coat of Arms on Queens Park Bridge from Spa Road March 2000

This earlier version of the arms is on a bridge leading from Spa Road to Queens Park.

[coat of arms]

13k GIF 58k JPEG Coat of Arms of Bolton on side of bus 1999

This is from a preserved Bolton Transport bus.

[coat of arms]

17k GIF 63k JPEG Coat of Arms on display in St Peter's September 2000

This is in the museum of St. Peter's.

[painted coat of arms]

26k GIF 145k JPEG Edmund Street Bridge over the Croal arms April 2001

This set of arms is on the bridge over the Croal in Edmund Street, a similar crest appears on the bridge carring Marsden Road over Bark Street.

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