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Hollins, Farnworth

[sunny road]

17k GIF 49k JPEG Plodder Lane view east at Hollins July 1999

At the eastern end of Plodder Lane, west is though Highfield, Dixon Green, New Bury, and finally Longcauseway to the south east and Farnworth to the east. The M61 junction 4 meets Plodder Lane here.

[modern building]

21k GIF 127k JPEG Royal Bolton Hospital main entrance August 2001

The main hospital for Bolton is situated here. The former Townleys was expanded into the Royal Bolton Hospital on Minerva Road when the Infirmary was closed. Main telephone number for the hospital is +44(0) 1204 390390.

Hospital website is http://www.boltonhospitals.nhs.uk/

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