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Knutshaw Bridge

At this point the A58 ring road splits to go north into Beaumont Road and the A676 to Rumworth. West of here is Hunger Hill. The derivation of the name may be from the personal name 'Knut' (as in Canute, King Canute) and 'sceaga' or 'shay' meaning copse, overall the copse belonging to Cnut. Early references spell this Noteshaye and Nutshell. [view up hill road]

23k GIF 72k JPEG View up Hunger Hill Summer 1999

Going up this road will take you to Hunger Hill.

[view up hill]

20k GIF 84k JPEG View up to Rumworth summer 1999

This ascends towards Rumworth.

[road view]

20k GIF 75k JPEG View into Beaumont Road summer 1999

This takes you into Beaumont Road.

[grassy valley]

18k GIF 71k JPEG Knutshaw Brook valley summer 1999

In the middle foreground in the course of the Knutshaw Brook. In the background, the outline of Winter Hill with the Pike to the left and the mast central.

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