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Markland Hill

Markland is a popular family name in Bolton, and the derivation may be from the Old English 'mearc lane' meaning boundary road. I'm grateful to Tony Owen baileyjohn@bolton107.freeserve.co.uk.dele.te for MARKLAND.RTF which is his current family tree including Markland. ( Email address needs correction remove .dele.te) Markland Hill is above Beaumont Road and between Ladybridge, Heaton and Johnson Fold.

[building and trees up road]

28k GIF 105k JPEG Markland Hill view from Chorley New Road May 2000

This is the entrance to Markland Hill viewed from Chorley New Road just above Ladybridge

[trees and road]

32k GIF 142k JPEG Markland Hill mid view north May 2000

The trees dominate Markland Hill.

[pub and trees]

29k GIF 99k JPEG Victoria Inn at Markland Hill May 2000

A quiet setting for a traditional pub.

[house and flowerbeds]

19k GIF 58k JPEG Markland Hill and Oakwood Drive May 2000

Victoria Road on the left.

[houses and horizon view]

26k GIF 82k JPEG Top of Markland Hill view south May 2000

This is the view from the top of Markland Hill down towards Ladybridge.

[track trees and water]

27k GIF 103k JPEG Track to Doffcocker Lodge May 2000

This is a popular nature reserve, with a number of rare and protected species.

[tree lined road]

25k GIF 86k JPEG Markland Hill Lane view east May 2000

Leading towards Doffcocker.

[trees and road and houses]

27k GIF 103k JPEG Old Kiln Lane view west from Markland Hill May 2000

This leads to Old Kiln Lane.

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