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Bolton at Yuletide 2002

This archived page features some pictures of Bolton at Yuletide 2002. The first section has pictures of the town and surrounding towns. The second section are a few pictures of houses dressed for the season. The page from 2000 is still online.

The current Bolton at Yuletide page is here.

[floodlit building and lights]

22k GIF 96k JPEG Victoria Square and Town Hall at night December 2002

[town hall at night with xmas lights]

19k GIF 83k JPEG Bolton Town Hall Xmas Lights December 2002

[xmas lights in street with people]

27k GIF 104k JPEG Market Street Xmas lights December 2002

[street with lights]

29k GIF 104k JPEG Exchange Street Xmas Lights December 2002

This is a panoramic view of Victoria Square.

17k GIF 91k JPEG


18k GIF 82k JPEG


18k GIF 87k JPEG


17k GIF 80k JPEG


18k GIF 95k JPEG

[lit fountain at night]

22k GIF 103k JPEG Victoria Square Fountain at night December 2002

These new fountains have effective lighting.

This conservatory sales centre always has quite a festive display.

[santa and tree]

9k GIF 58k JPEG Mark Forrest display 2002

[santa and tree]

11k GIF 52k JPEG Mark Forrest display 2002

[skating rink]

37k GIF 142k JPEG Victoria Square Skating Rink December 2002

[night scene xmas lights]

13k GIF 61k JPEG Westhoughton Market Street East Dec 2002

Newer lights.

[night scene xmas lights]

10k GIF 43k JPEG Westhoughton Market Street West Dec 2002

The crib can be seen bottom right.

[house lit at night]

9k GIF 52k JPEG Dobb Brow House Dec 2002

A few more lights this year.

[house lit at night]

12k GIF 63k JPEG Hulton Lane Ends house Dec 2002

Even more lights this year.

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