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Great Lever

Situated between Lever Edge and Burnden at the end of Fletcher Street, this is largely a residential area.

A resident is operating an internet connected live weather station, and you can connect at http://www.glweather.com/

There is a site http://greatlevver.com which is a directory of services and information for Great Lever.

[road trees and buildings]

20k GIF 74k JPEG Great Lever corner of Rishton Lane and Lever Edge Lane June 2000

This is the view up towards Lever Edge.

[houses and trees along road]

20k GIF 88k JPEG Green Lane west view to Lever Edge June 2000

This is the view to towards the Rishton Lane junction.

[large houses and trees]

26k GIF 97k JPEG Green Lane Great Lever view east June 2000

This is towards Burnden with Great Lever Park on your left.

[road bridge and trees]

23k GIF 105k JPEG Green Lane view east to Burnden June 2000

Further along, over the bridge is Burnden.

[red brick houses and road]

30k GIF 117k JPEG Rishton Lane Great Lever view north June 2000

Heading towards town.

[road and brick houses]

26k GIF 86k JPEG Bradford Road north view north June 2000

This view again towards town.

[trees and road junction]

27k GIF 95k JPEG Bradford Road junction with Green Lane view south June 2000

Over this road junction will take you into Farnworth via Dixon Green.

[fountain flowerpot]

30k GIF 140k JPEG Great Lever Park plaque June 2000

This marked the opening of the park. Opened by James Young, JP and Mayor.

[trees grass and playing area]

28k GIF 166k JPEG Great Lever Park June 2000

This is the park, an enclosed basketball pitch can be seen on the left.

[red brick mill]

26k GIF 94k JPEG Beehive Mill May 2000

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