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Burnden and Rose Hill

Once home to the town's football team, Bolton Wanderers, now relocated to Middlebrook on the B6536 between Moses Gate and Bradshawgate in the virtual walk.

The name has its roots north of the English border and is derived from two Old English words used in the Scottish lowlands, 'burn' meaning brook and 'dene' or 'denu' meaning valley. The name means the stream in a valley (the River Croal). A name more commonly marked on the maps is Rose Hill for the same area slightly to the north.

[floodlights and stands]

23k GIF 64k JPEG Burnden Park 1997

During its last season before it was moved to Middlebrook, many fans have fond memories of this venue, apparently built on beer crates to aid the drainage. This was the second home of the Trotter's, originally this was at Deane, Pikes Lane Stadium when they founded in 1888, but moved here to Burnden in 1895.

[road and shops]

23k GIF 69k JPEG Manchester Road view north from Burnden 1997

View down Manchester Road towards the town centre.

[road and detached shops]

20k GIF 77k JPEG Burnden Manchester Road view south-west January 2001

This is out towards Kearsley and Farnworth.

[wide road]

22k GIF 72k JPEG Manchester Road Burnden view north towards town January 2001

Further out of town.

[red brick buildings along road]

19k GIF 86k JPEG Taskers nightclub, Burnden January 2001

Snooker club and night club.

[wide snowy road]

20k GIF 93k JPEG Manchester Road Burnden view south out of town January 2001

Looking toward the Great Lever area.

[wide road and a few trees]

23k GIF 75k JPEG Manchester Road Burnden view towards town June 2000

This view from the end of Green Lane in Great Lever.

[road junction]

26k GIF 97k JPEG Manchester Road Burnden view south east June 2000

This leads to Moses Gate.

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