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End of Bradshawgate junction with Trinity Street

South west of here is Burnden in the virtual drive. East is Springfield.

Go into Trinity Street
[looking west, Trinity Church on your left]

46k JPEG February 1996

The Holy Trinity Church was consecrated on September 11th 1827. It is now a business centre.


68k JPEG February 1996

This is Bolton Community College http://www.bolton-community-college.ac.uk/, formerly known as Bolton Metropolitan COllege, or BMC. Behind this is the Excel sports and leisure centre, a facility that also is often host to various events, in Bridgeman Place.

Go into Bradshawgate
[looking into Bradshawgate]

60k JPEG February 1996

Talking you to Great Moor Street, on to Nelson Square and ultimately to Churchgate.

[large building]

28k GIF 83k JPEG World of Wicker and Cane Country December 2000

This unique shop sells a lot of pine, cane and wicker furniture.

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