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The name was derived from 'holy well' of the Parish of Deane, but has been spelled many ways, HaliWalle in 1220, 1246 as Haliwell, and Halliwoe and Hollowell are also seen. The actual well was in Moss Bank Park and was filled in when Peter Ainsworths' daughter Mary fell into the well and drowned in 1740. The exact location is currently unclear, but thought to be at the edge of Moss Bank Park on the way to Barrow Bridge. The location of the spring is well known at the site of the former Smithills Croft bleachworks.

During the 1200s, it is believed that the Knights of St. John Hospitalers owned land in the area, and had a hospice to which people came who believed in the healing powers of the magickal waters.

The area is home to the Jubilee Pool which mainly caters for those with special needs and disabilities with a warmer than normal water temperature and special equipment and staff. You can phone the pool on 01204 334443.

North of here is Smithills, the A6099 leads south easterly to Blackburn Road. West is Doffcocker.

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