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Lostock Junction

Between Chew Moor and Beaumont Road, the derivation being mentioned in Lostock.

[trees and road junction]

27k GIF 63k JPEG Lostock Junction Road West June 2000

Straight on or right takes you to Beaumont Road .

[railway line and pub]

28k GIF 159k JPEG Lostock Arms at Lostock Junction May 1999

The rail line giving rise to the place name.

[snowy railway]

25k GIF 119k JPEG Lostock Rail station in the snow January 2001

From the rail bridge during snow.

[railing and reservoir]

30k GIF 143k JPEG Rumworth Lodge dam May 1999

Rumworth Lodge.

[wood framed church]

24k GIF 94k JPEG Lostock Parish Church June 2000

The parish church.

[grass road and buildings]

21k GIF 100k JPEG View to Lostock Junction from Tempest Road May 1999

[large building on road]

24k GIF 87k JPEG Lostock School June 2000

This building is disused and shortly to be demolished. Originally built in 1870 as Lostock Industrial School, it passed under the control of the local education authority in 1925. This open air school had facilities including an indoor swimming pool and dormitories for up to 100 pupils. In 1986 it changed to teaching children with special needs, and closed in 1995. (There are two more pictures at the bottom of this page) Chew Moor is behind you in this picture.

[field and open water]

25k GIF 121k JPEG Rumworth Lodge from Junction Road West, Lostock Junction September 2000

[buildings and road with trees]

25k GIF 117k JPEG Lostock School before demolition September 2000

The view up from the junction.

[buidings and courtyard]

23k GIF 114k JPEG Lostock School before demolition September 2000

The building in the foreground is the caretakers cottage.

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