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Overdale is south of Chorley New Road in the Heaton district, which has Heaton Cemetery and Overdale Crematorium which has details learnt from a recent 'open day'.

[road and trees]

25k GIF 88k JPEG Chorley New Road Overdale view west June 2000

West is Ladybridge.

[trees and road]

25k GIF 71k JPEG Chorley New Road Overdale view east June 2000

The view down towards Heaton.

[fields and trees on horizon]

26k GIF 107k JPEG Heaton Fold view south June 2000

On the horizon you can see the tower of the parish church in Deane and the graveyard.

[fields to horizon and houses]

24k GIF 86k JPEG View south from Overdale June 2000

This view is over towards Rumworth.

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